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5 Child Safety Lessons Every Parent Should Know

Have you heard of Safe Bandz? They're a new way of reuniting in the event of an emergency. But what exactly are Safe Bandz? And how can you keep your kids safe? Here's what you need to know:

Teach your child your full name

Have your child repeat your full name, along with how to spell it and pronounce it. This way, they will be able to recite this information in the event that they ever get lost.

If you get lost teach them to stand still and scream your real name

The Safe Bandz is a great way to have stress free outing with your child. They will have fun wearing it and you can store two sets of parent/guardian names and contact numbers and a handy "about me" section to store any important or medical information on the Safe Bandz. However, if you get lost, there are some things that you should do.

It is important not to panic when your child gets lost and to make sure they stay calm as well. Your first instinct might be to run around trying to find them but this can cause more problems than help. You want your child to stand still so they can be found by people looking for them or the police who may come looking for someone in distress. Teach them to scream your full name as loud as they can and to not stop until you are standing with them.

When someone asks what happened they should tell them "I'm lost" and to keep screaming your name. If they are wearing a Safe Bandz they can ask a "Safe Adult" to scan their band and call their parent/guardian.

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Teach them how their body will react in an unsafe situation

You can also teach them what their body will do when in an unsafe situation. For example, they may notice a pounding heart, shaky knees and an unsettled tummy. It's important to know how your body reacts in stressful situations so that you can better handle any situation that comes along.

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Teach your kids the password method

In addition to sharing these tips with your kids, it’s important that you teach them the password method. This is a way of keeping your child safe from unwanted visitors and strangers by having a secret password between yourself and your child. Not only does this give them confidence in an unsure situation should there be an emergency where someone needs to pick up their child from school or an event, but it also gives them the option of saying no if another person tries to convince them otherwise.

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