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Safe Bandz ID Bracelet: Top Tips for Keeping Children Safe at the Easter Show

Easter Show Crowd, Lost Child, Safe Bandz, ID Bracelet

As families head to the Easter Show, it's important to ensure the safety of children in crowded places. With Safe Bandz, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child's information is readily available in case they get lost. Safe Bandz can be worn on the wrist, ankle, or even attached to clothing, making it easy to keep track of children even in large crowds.

In addition to using Safe Bandz, it's important to have a plan in place for what to do if a child gets separated from their family. One of the most effective ways to find a lost child is to yell their description out loud and repeatedly. Encourage your child to do the same if they feel lost, rather than searching quietly. This will increase the chances of someone spotting the child and bringing them back to their family.

Here are some top tips for looking for your child in a crowd:

  1. Never look quietly! Always yell loudly the description of your child ie. "I'm looking for a little boy, aged 3, wearing blue shorts, red shirt, brown shoes, orange hat, answers to the name of Samuel". You want to recruit as many people around you as possible to start looking too!

  2. Dress your child in bright coloured, identifiable clothing, neon coloured sun safe hats are a great option.

  3. Teach your children which adults they can trust in their 'Safety Circle', Police, Fire, Ambos plus trusted known adults. Run through this every time you leave the house before an event.

  4. If your children a little older and depending on the layout of the event give them a land mark to wait at if they become separated.

  5. Pop a Safe Bandz on your child, they can be worn on the wrist, ankle or clothing. They store two sets of names and contact numbers plus have an "About Me" section that you can store important information about the wearer.

Safe Bandz, Children in crowds, lost child, ID bracelet

Here are some other top tips to teach your child if they become separated:

  1. Teach them to stand still and yell your REAL NAME! Not Mum or Dad! Tell your child not to stop until you are standing with them. You can play this as a game at home to get them used to it.

  2. When wearing a Safe Bandz, teach them to say "Scan my band", if they are unable or non verbal, teach them to point to their Safe Bandz or raise their arm. With a bright colours and a bold QR code, once the Safe Bandz has been scanned, the scanner will be directed to enter the code on the band. They will then be prompted to share their location with the band owner/parents, and receive access to the information that the band owners have loaded onto the band.

By following these tips and using Safe Bandz, parents can enjoy a stress-free day at the Easter Show with their children. Don't let the fear of getting separated from your child ruin your day – be prepared and stay safe with Safe Bandz. Grab your Safe Bandz here today!


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