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Hi there, 


We are Chad and Mia, parents to 4 children and one very cheeky pup! 

We are a small Aussie Business located in Townsville North Queensland. 


We don’t know about you.. but our kids, they were runners! We have tried those backpack leashes, writing our personal contact information up each child’s arm, and nothing seemed to feel right!


This is why Safe Bandz was born! 


A wearable, waterproof wrist band sewn with reflective stitching that can store the parent or guardian names, contact numbers and a section to share any important information about the child if you choose too. 


If your child does get away from you, the ‘finder’ can simply scan the QR Code of the Safe Bandz, enter the unique code on he band and call the parents/guardian directly. 


Now in our family our little fluffy pup couldn’t miss out either, so we have designed an attachment perfect for pet collars. 


Whether its letting the kids have a little freedom when staying at a caravan park, or losing them in a crowd wearing their Safe Bandz they now have an opportunity to be found quicker and with less stress!


Thanks for visiting!


Mia & Chad 

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