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  • Can Safe Bandz locate my child?
    Safe Bandz is able to locate the band when the QR code is scanned and code input providing the finder allows location services to be enabled on their device. Safe Bandz only collects location details once and cannot track any movements unless the finder refreshes URL and enables location services again. Safe Bandz is not a GPS tracker
  • Why does my map show Brisbane location?
    This is a defult location and means the gps has not been enabled. If testing your safebandz logout of your account - test - and login again or try a different phone.
  • Can I update and change my information?
    Yes of course, you can log in anytime and update your information.
  • My child has special/medical needs, can this be noted?"
    Yes you will find when setting up the profile associated to the Safe Bandz there will be a notes section. Please place any important or relevant information here.
  • Does the person scanning need an app?
    No app needed. Simply scan the QR code enter the unique code on the Safe Bandz and contact the parent or guardian directly.
  • What if grandparents or friends are looking after my child or pet?
    That’s fine we understand every parent needs to step away sometimes. Just simply update the Safe Bandz with the grandparent or guardians details so that they can be contacted should they need to be.
  • Is it waterproof?
    Yes Safe Bandz is waterproof. Safe Bandz has been rigorously tested by our own children both in and out of the water.
  • Why can’t I add my child’s name?
    For saftey reasons we have decided not to include a child’s name field. However if you feel this is of most importance you can add this information in the notes section.
  • Can someone call me directly if they find my child?
    Once the QR Code has been scanned. The ‘finder’ will enter the unique code associated with that band and it will generate the information you have previously loaded. They will then click the phone number and call you directly.
  • Can I wash my Safe Bandz?
    Yes, please hand wash only, and wash separately to avoid any colour run on its first few washes.
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