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Discover peace of mind with Safe Bandz,
your reliable partner in personal safety.

Our innovative wearable technology is designed to empower you with the knowledge that ....

You're only a scan away!

With our new QR only subscription you can save and print your QR code anywhere you need!
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About Safe Bandz


  • Dedicated app on your home screen:

    We have allowed you to save the platform to your phones home screen to make it easier for you to access.


  • Push Notifications*:

    Stay informed and connected with real-time updates and alerts right to your device. Receive notifications about your child's whereabouts and safety status instantly.


  • Scheduled Timing of Activation*:

    Set specific times for Safe Bandz to turn off, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind during designated periods.


  • Personal QR Code for Printing*:

    Easily generate and print a personalised QR code containing your contact details. Attach it to belongings, stationery, or any item your child may carry for quick and easy identification and contact in case of emergencies.


  • Upgraded Look and Feel:

    Enjoy a refreshed, modern interface designed for intuitive navigation and enhanced user experience.


  • Add Allergies, Medication and Profile Image to share*

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Safe Bandz takes centre stage in the world of personal safety!

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