What are Safe Bandz?

Safe Bandz is a wearable, waterproof wrist band sewn with reflective stitching for people or collar attachment for pets.


Safe Bandz stores parent/guardian names, contact numbers & emergency info about the person or pet. 

How Does It Work?

Sign up to your account and add contact details and any particular medical information.


Pop your Safe Bandz on and start your adventure.

If lost all that is needed is to scan the QR Code and enter the unique code to instantly call the parent or guardian listed.

How Can It Help?

No more worrying about having a runner of a child or pet!

Maybe having to write your private details up their arm... on display for all?

Simply pop the Safe Bandz on your loved ones and know that anyone scanning has the ability to contact you instantly as well as be notified of any special needs that your child may have.

GPS Location

Safe Bandz is now able to locate the band when the QR code is scanned and code input provided the finder allows location services to be enabled on their device. 

*Note these are not GPS tracking devices